no excuses

Today was a really busy day at work and all I wanted to do after was come home and lay down. But, I hauled my ass to they gym and managed to get in a pretty decent back workout. I even worked on one of my goals – pullups. Although I had to use the assisted pullup machine, I felt good about it because i knew I was working towards my goal. I knew that having a busy day at work was no excuse not to go to the gym. There are few good excuses to skip out. Yes I ran my butt off at work, and was sore and tired come 3:30, but I know that working out makes me feel better. I know that working out after a day like today will get me one step closer to where I want to be.

I came across this picture on Facebook from Natalie Hodson. I found it really fitting for today. If this guy can get to the gym with only one leg and get a before and after picture like this, certainly, I can manage to get myself to the gym for a workout. I really admire this guy for his accomplishments. This picture is pretty incredible!!!!



your brain on exercise

A recent article in the Journal of Applied Physiology points out several interesting benefits to your brain from regular exercise, including both aerobic activity and strength training. In otherwords, hit the gym, ride your bike, rollerblade, swim, run, play soccer. Whatever it is, its worth it, fo ryour body and your brain.

  YUM! supper tonight after the gym: chicken with brown rice and mixed veggies (sweet peas, corn, beans, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, onions) with a little teryiaki sauce.

hump day

Hump Day…Wednesday, the middle of the week. I’m happy to say, I’ve been able to keep up my goals thus far, even though its only been a few days, but hey, every day counts, right? 

I’ve been keeping myself busy with work and the gym, along with spending time with my husband and dog. I have to say, keeping up with the blog hasn’t really been as tough as i expected it to be before i started, but once again, its only the beginning.  Today was shoulder day in the gym, and i also started #plankaday something i found on Twitter. I love this idea. do a plank a day, timing yourself, and see how you improve from one day to the next.  This is similar in how you would keep track of your weights and increase weights as you workout more and get stronger.

I came across this quote today, and it’s so fitting with what I wrote about today  “Strive for progress, not perfection”. -Unknown


successful day!!!

today was a very successful day in my books.  i worked on 2 of my goals today! not ony did i not eat any of the junk food at work today, which included ice cream cake, donuts, and cookies, BUT, i also did legs in the gym.

let me tell you, those desserts all looked delicious, especially the ice cream cake with the fudge and crumbles in the middle. i actually didnt even have to think about not taking some. i knew today was the start of something new for me, my new healthier lifestyle, and they didnt even tempt me today. last week, i would have thought to myself  “one little piece wont hurt”. not today. today i knew my goals, knew where i wanted to get to, and that definately is the key. GOALS!

heading tot he gym, i knew exactly what i wanted to get out of my workout today and thats exactly what i did. i racked up the squat rack, and achieved a personal best today!!! 185lbs. i couldnt have started my new lifestyle out any better than today. I KILLED LEGS TODAY…hopefully they’ll be loking how i want them to in no time!!!

my lunch today

i usually throw together this simple salad in bulk so that there is always something quick to grab. i throw in whatever kinds of beans i happen to have in the cupboard. this time it happened to be a five bean mix. then i use a can of corn, slice up a couple avacados and tomatoes, then throw on some kind of dressing. sometimes i use balsamic vinegar. today i happened to use some honey lime dressing that i made up quickly (just from one lime and a few drops of honey) you can add cilantro or whatever else you want. sometimes i add some red onions.  This time i also added some left over brown rice from the fridge to give it a little more oomph. DELISH!