“a goal without a plan is just a wish” – Larry Elder


its as simple as that. fitness is all about setting goals for yourself, to push yourself harder.  according to those who have the body i envision myself having, making plans for yourself and setting achievable goals is what counts. knowing what you are going to do when you walk into the gym, you will have a much more productive workout and i think you will feel more satisfied with your workout too.

know what it is you want to get out of each workout, then put it together in the big picture. for myself, i want a couple of things:

1. be active and get in the gym at least 5 days a week – this could include lifiting weights 4 times and sprinting stairs with my dog on another day. or rollerblading my dog for half and hour, and incorporating yoga and tabata workouts too. regardess of what it is, it needs to happen 5 times a week or more.  (i know this is a good number for me because i had been in the gym 4 days a week prior to my recent slump)

2. LEGS LEGS LEGS!!!!  I know a lot of women struggle with getting their legs jsut the way they want them to be. i am definately one of those women. it doesnt take much for my arms to look defined, but i have never gotten my legs to a place where i am truly happy with them.  My goal is going to be to work my legs at least 3 times in 2 weeks.

3. cutting out sugar. i have a bad sweet tooth. its not so bad at home because we dont buy junk food, but when it comes to being at work, thats another story. patients, familys, doctors, other staff will bring in treats to say “thank you for your care” or “here, you deserve a treat” and 99% of the time it is cookies or donuts or cake or my poison, CANDY! I’m hoping with this blog and my new accountablity to myself and those following, i’ll resist the urge to divulge into the candy.

4. pushups and pullups. for as long as i can remember, these have always been a weakness of mine. these are such basic exerciese, that they shouldnt be intimidating to me anymore. so, my first goal for the immediate future is: 10 pushups and 3 pullups. Sounds easy? ugh….


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