My legs are the hardest part for me to see changes in so when I found this on Fit Foodies blog today (which was taken from Vanessa Tib and James Wilson), i decided this quad plan would be my workout for tomorrow. 

Foot positioning- This makes a huge difference on area’s you want to target. A close stance (feet together) will work the outer sweep of the quad, the lower portion of the glutes and the sides of the glutes. 

  • A wide stance with the toes slightly pointed out will work the inner quads, adductors, lower and inner butt cheeks. 
  •  Shoulder width will incorprate a little of all, but if you want to see more dramatic changes, you have to target specific sides.
  •  Also included in this would be platform stances. How you place your feet on the platform of the leg press or hack squat will change things. Having your feet in the middle portion of the platform will hit more of your lower quads (but can harm the knees, so be careful) Having your feet all the way at the top (toes slightly off the platform) will hit moslty glute and then top part of the quad.

Squats- they hit quads and all around the glute

 Leg press- hits lower glutes and quads

Walking barbell lunges- will hit lower quads and outer sides/ top of the glutes depending on how long your strides are. To get the most out of walking lunges, take very long steps. this gives you a full stretch and will incorporate more muscle activation. I have also found that if you take each step diagonally, you’ll get more upper glute activation. Shallow steps don’t work the glute as much and will hit the quads more.

 Legs days- I recommend splitting them into quad emphasis days and hamstring emphasis days. Here are 2 examples!

 Hamstring day

  •  Warmup (I usually ride stationary bike for a few minutes)
  •  Prone leg curls super with seated leg curls and 1 min of squat jumps kicking your bum with your heals (3 x 15)
  •  Stiff leg deads super with single leg-leg curls (3 x 15)
  •  Barbell walking lunges super with 1 min Jump rope (3 x 15)
  •  Feet together leg ext superset w/ wide stance leg press (seat all the way back on the press, knee’s touching your chest) (3 x 15)
  • Seated calf raises super with standing calf raises (alternate toe’s pointing in and out) (3 x 15)

Quad emphasis day

  • Warmup
  •  Barbell front squat superset w/half rep leg extensions ( just the lower half, go heavy!) (3 x 15)
  •  Barbell squats (alt. wide and narrow stances) superset with Single leg bench jumps (On squats, go to a 90* angle, pause for 1 count then drop a little lower and then come up) (3 x 15)
  •  Barbell lunge (Diagonal steps) super with Hack squats (Feet in the center of platform) or V-squats (3 x 15)
  •  Leg press (Go heavy, 1 set wide, 1 set narrow and final set normal stance. Feet at the top of the platform) (First 2 sets of 15 reps, final set 40 reps, knees to the chest)
  •  standing calf machine (Spike at the top and slowly lower) – 2 sets w/heels touching and toes out.  2 sets w/ toes touching and heels out


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