Post Baby Progress Pics.


So this first picture is what my “abs” looked like pre-pregnancy. There is some definition there; some days were better than others. They were definitely not how I would have loved them to be, but I didn’t hate them!


So the above picture is me at 32 weeks pregnant. This was the last photo I had of my pregnancy belly as 36 weeks would have been my next picture, and baby arrived at 35 weeks 4 days. So, my belly went from this…….


…to this. These pictures were 3 days post partum and 5 days post partum. As you can see, there is still quite a belly there! This did disappear quite quickly. I attribute that to 1)being in shape pre pregnancy, 2)not gaining much weight throughout the pregnancy and 3)breastfeeding!


And this is what my stomach looks like 8 weeks post partum. I am amazed at how quickly it got back to close to what it was pre baby. I started seriously eating clean at about 5 weeks post partum, and in just 3 weeks, I really noticed a huge change in my stomach!

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