After baby, before LiveFit pictures


Well there you have it, my baseline pictures before starting the trainer. The first pictures are from January 24 (3 days postpartum) and the second ones are from January 26 (5 days postpartum). As you can see, there is really quite a noticeable difference between the two sets of pictures. I contribute that to breastfeeding and pumping as both contract the uterus back to its almost original size (this, making my gut look smaller, lol). If I were to take a picture today too, you would again notice a significant difference. My stomach looks almost as flat as it did before baby, without the definition and tone I had before.

I’m using these as my baseline before starting the trainer. I will take other pictures, like arms, back, etc the day I start the trainer so I have baseline pictures to compare to as well. I’m excited to see a difference in these pictures.

I’m excited to start this exciting new chapter of our lives. I’m ready to be a fit mom. I’m ready to get my old body back and make it better. I’m ready to get started!!!!